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Recovery - If you ever had a valuable video tape suddenly becomes unplayable or you can no longer find a deck to play it on, perhaps we can help. We have accumulated not only the hardware and software for successful restoration but over a decade of experience and techniques as well. We can convert your valuable tapes to DVD, Blu-Ray or other formats suitable for editing via a hard drive or SSD.… more
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Many Formats - Independent video has utilized many different formats. In the late 60's Reel-to-Reel video was used than 3/4" cassettes tape replace that.Than came along BetaMax/VHS only to be replaced by 8mm and mini DV tapes. We can combine and organize all this footage for inclusion on DVD's or upscale them to HD on Blu-rays so future generations can enjoy those unique times…. more
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Restoration - We examine your Master tapes for physical damage, mold, cracked case. etc. In some cases the tapes may need to be cleaned, lubricated, vacuumed or even baked before playback. Using professional video decks and Time Based Corrector's (TBC's) we can often completely stabilize playback and enhance the audio. Usually we immediately transfer your video tape to a computer hard drive, since many tapes will deteriorate rapidly with multiple playback attempts. Further enhancements can be made using sophisticated software based Video and Audio filters if needed or desired. Finally if a DVD/BD will be made we add chapters and edit out bad footage (if desired) and proceed to encode the video/audio for the finished DVD/BD or digital file for youtube, mobile, etc…. more
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An example of 20 plus year footage recovered, restored and upconverted to wide-screen 1080p High Definition

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Advance HD Conversion - We can convert your older Standard Definition videos to High Definition videos using the most advance hardware and software available anywhere. The Teranex processor is used by all major broadcasters thru out the world and simply produces the highest quality images even from decades old tapes. Future proofing your unique videos for future generations to enjoy is so important to do now while those tapes are still playable. We can even deliver your images in their original aspect (4x3) as well create wide screen versions (16x10) with intelligent scaling… more
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Multiple Delivery Options - There are so many different ways to view video from a large screen TV to the smallest phone. Often sharing those images can range from physical copies (DVD’s and Blu-rays) to posting them online, youtube, vimeo, etc. Other desired outcomes is simply the raw footage, fully restored, upscaled (if desired) in a specific codec ready for editing….. more
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Testimonials - We have been doing some form of video restoration for decades. Formats, delivery options, etc. have changed over time but the very principle remains: To recover and restore priceless and unique footage using the very best hardware/software tools that exist today. So many “lost moments” have been recovered that were previously considered “gone”. The pure joy of seeing and hearing people and events that were recorded keeps us pursuing better tools… more

Previous Projects

Hurricane/Salt Water Recovery:
I am a mother that lost all the home videos of my children in Hurricane Rita.  …. I found Dreamtime Productions that not only restored those 40 tapes to a condition that is far better than the original … I was amazed , Jerry not only restored those tapes but restored me!
 Melinda Hicks
A Grateful Mother from Hackberry Louisiana
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Archival Video:
Dreamtime Productions helped rejuvenate our series of interviews with several beloved choral directors. The color and sound were enhanced and chapters and menus added, giving our aging VHS tapes new life as a DVD collection. Thanks Dreamtime Productions!
Christina Prucha
Archivist - American Choral Directors Association.
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Restoration of Archival Video:
Jerry at Dreamtime Productions restored priceless 3/4" footage of former governor Pat Brown for us. He was able to do what I was beginning to think was impossible and did it in a prompt and professional manner. If you have tape footage you're thinking could be beyond saving, Jerry may be your only hope!
Albert Madrid - Television Specialist
DWR Graphic Services
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Recovery of Archival Video:
In 1988, I taped a 2-camera shoot on 3/4 Video. In 2015 I sent the tapes for Jerry to transfer and unbelievably he not only transferred them to a digital format but to High Definition; and the finished product looked and sounded better than the originals. Absolutely unbelievable!!! If Jerry can’t recover the tape, no one can.
Kevin Hughes
Los Angeles, California
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